2016 EV Tour of Europe

ESCP Europe Energy Society plans 2016 EV tour of Europe

"To travel Europe using clean and sustainable transport without compromising on comfort and performance."

In a bid to show that the means of tackling climate change through greener transport are accessible to the general public, ESCP Europe Business School's Energy Society are planning a high-profile electric vehicle tour of Europe. The trip will visit four of the School's six campuses - Berlin, London, Paris and Turin - between 13th and 18th March, 2016. 

The team will cross seven international borders in the same number of Tesla cars. Each ESCP Europe campus visited will host a conference on the themes of energy efficiency, transport and climate change, and the team will visit Tesla's factory in the Netherlands and other sites relevant to their journey.

Our Goals

  • To promote sustainable transport as a means to travel around the UK and Europe without compromising style, comfort or convenience

  • To encourage students to explore innovative solutions and business opportunities to address climate change in a fun and inspiring way

  • To illustrate the major paradigm shifts currently taking place in the energy sector

  • To increase the visibility of ESCP Europe Business School and raise awareness of its full-time, one-year MSc in Energy Management and part-time Executive Master in Energy Management programmes

  • Strengthening ties between students, alumni, and the business community, both during the tour and at various events designed to foster exchanges about the topics of energy, transport and sustainability

The tour will set off from London on 13th March 2016, directly following the joint Class of 2016 graduation ceremony for the MSc in Energy Management and Executive Master in Energy Management, the end of exams for current MSc in Energy Management students (Class of 2017), and the annual London Campus Gala. The start of the EV Tour will round off one of the most exciting weekends of the year.

The Launch Event of the ESCP Europe Electric Vehicle Road Trip 2016 will take place on 12th March, from 10:00 – 14:00 at our London Campus. More details are available here.

Trial Run Success
A preparatory tour of London in 2015 proved a great success and generated a lot of curiosity from the general public, as well as giving two teams of MSc in Energy Management students and alumni experience of handling, charging and monitoring the performance of EVs. Two teams travelled in Nissan Leaf electric cars and visited famous sights from Buckingham Palace to the Greenwich Observatory.  

Sponsorship Opportunity

The high profile nature of this European EV Tour means that there are many opportunities for sponsors to gain visibility for their brands, associating themselves with an initiative designed to promote sustainability and energy efficiency. In addition to branding of cars and events, sponsors have the option to join ESCP Europe's new Partnership Packages, covering Branding, Talent and Expertise. 

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please click here and contact our team members. 

Workshop Launched 2016 Europe Tour – 25th September 2015

ESCP Europe's London campus hosted a workshop for its Energy Society, with last year's team - now graduates - returning to the campus to present the project to the new MSc in Energy Management students.

Ben Pullen (MSc in Energy Mangement, 2015) took the lead role, assisted by Valerio Scupola (Master in European Business, 2014) and Afeez Alade-Kolawole, Founder of TryMyEV.com.

The afternoon involved a brainstorming session on possible routes using the Tesla Supercharging map; on places to see along the way; on workshops that could be hosted at each campus visited; and on policy discussion topics (what the leading clean-energy policies are for each country visited, and what the future holds). New students were invited to get involved in the road trip and to contribute to its success. This led to the creation of this year's EV team.

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2016 EV Tour Team

Project Leaders

Benjamin Pullen


Afeez Alade-Kolawole



Benjamin Pullen


Valerio Scupola


Marketing & Communications

Els Van De Vijver


Nathalie Sulmont


Country Teams

Afeez Alade-Kolawole


Raka Sarkar



Howard Chia-Hao Hsu



Valerio Scupola


Iacopo Levenheck



Guillaume Bourseau



For further information about this great intiative, please contact our team members. 


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